sábado, diciembre 15, 2007

Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving

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Spending my third year away from home and my birthday, Halloween, and Thanksgiving in as many countries (Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador), things not being normal has become the norm.
Halloween was a lot of fun to spend with the kids at the center. In my classes, we made masks, learned Halloween words, went trick or treating around the center, painted faces and finished up with a dance party (of course). The little girls still put me to shame with their moves. You think after spending several years around latinos that I would have pick up a thing or two, but no... I'm still waiting.
We celebrated Thanksgiving the Sunday after with Madre Cindy's delicious food. Green bean casserole, stuffing, glazed carrots, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, pecan pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie and of course, turkey.. we missed out on none of the trimmings of the typical feast.

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