jueves, julio 19, 2007

Working Boys Center

The Working Boys Center (El Centro del Muchacho Trabajdor) was started 40 years ago primarily as a meal program for the shoe shine boys in Quito (Ecuador's Capital) and has transformed into a center spread across three campuses that invests in the institution of the family and financially, educationally, and spiritually forms its participants in order to combat the root causes of poverty. The Center emphasises human diginity and self-worth, encouraging participants to use the resources they have available to educate themselves and to impove their standard of living. The place breeds success. In the short time I was there visiting in May, I came to realize the real impact that the WBC has on the lives and futures of the enrolled families, especially the children. As a volunteer, I will support the WBC's mission by teaching children English and hopefully Special Education and Religion (I will know my schedule by mid-August). The volunteers typically work 12-hour days, finishing in the late afternoon with adult education classes. The Center provides room and board and the volunteers are responsible for all personal expenses (health insurance, airfare, visa, etc.) and collecting funds for the classroom supplies and outings and activities with the children. If you would like to contribute to my mission, I have set up an account with Paypal that can be accessed on the sidebar of this page. Anything that you might be able to offer, whether it be even $5, would be greatly appreciated and used well.

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Emily - Just found your blog. I returned from a week in Ecuador last Friday... Spent 7 days touring with your fellow Milwaukee native - Dr. David Gaus. Not sure if you're familiar with his work. He started at the Working Boys Club with Father Halligan and now has two hospitals in rural Ecuador - one in Pedro Vicente Pamdonado and in La Mana. Hope all is well! pjurbain@aol.com