miércoles, noviembre 08, 2006

Me staring as '' the naked lady''

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So. I'm part of a theater group in my small town of Pocuro. Many of the women that I act with are also in the personal development group that I work with that is run through the diocese. They started by acting in presentations dealing with women's issues and have expanded to the full-length comedy that we are currently rehearsing. Well, we received a call from Santiago last month asking if we would be willing to put on a play entitled '' The parabola de la mujer desnuda.'' (The parable of the naked woman) The women had presented it 4 years ago at a similar conference of Latin American women. Considering we only had a week to practice and that the play was made up of monologues, I was a little nervous about making my international debut in such a rushed manner. I showed up to practice with the sad news that I would not be able to accept my role as ''the nun''. The women took the news okay and we decided that I could do my part by working the music. Well, everything changed when the ''mujer desnuda'' (the naked lady) never showed. In a matter of 15 minutes I went from pressing the play button to having the central role. Well, I'm learning that in life you have to be ready for anything...