viernes, octubre 13, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, I have now completed a full year of my life outside of the country. Turning 23 in Chile was a lot easier than turning 22 in Bolivia. This year I was surrounded by people who I really have come to know as friends. Gina, my chilean mamá, greeted me in the morning with a homemade 'brazo de reina' (the queen's arm), a chilean breakfast pastry made with a supersweet carmel-like sauce called manjar. In the afternoon, I was presented with another cake at my theater group practice. In the evening a few friends came over for tacos and brownies with mint chocolate chip ice cream :). All in all I was given 5 birthday cakes this year. It is said here in Chile that ''food=love'' and I feel it (in my heart and on my hips :) ) This past weekend Maureen and I had a joint birthday party where we danced until the sun came up. Two b-days away from home down, only one more to go!

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