viernes, octubre 13, 2006

Welcome to my world

Finished jam
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Ryan and I have been talking about making jam since we arrived here. It seems like something you should learn to do while living in Chile right under learning how to knit, garden and play the guitar. I bought strawberries at the outdoor market last week and last night Ry and I broke out the sugar and got down to business. Our finished product turned out even better than expected. Peaches come into season soon and we already have our sights set on future 'jam sessions.'

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, I have now completed a full year of my life outside of the country. Turning 23 in Chile was a lot easier than turning 22 in Bolivia. This year I was surrounded by people who I really have come to know as friends. Gina, my chilean mamá, greeted me in the morning with a homemade 'brazo de reina' (the queen's arm), a chilean breakfast pastry made with a supersweet carmel-like sauce called manjar. In the afternoon, I was presented with another cake at my theater group practice. In the evening a few friends came over for tacos and brownies with mint chocolate chip ice cream :). All in all I was given 5 birthday cakes this year. It is said here in Chile that ''food=love'' and I feel it (in my heart and on my hips :) ) This past weekend Maureen and I had a joint birthday party where we danced until the sun came up. Two b-days away from home down, only one more to go!

jueves, octubre 12, 2006


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Chile celebrates its patriotic festival the 18th of September. I celebrated my first Dieciocho spending a lazy Sunday afternoon in Plaza Nuñoa in Santiago chatting with friends, making a huge quantity of empanadas in the outdoor oven at Carmen's house, learning how to dance the cueca in Matias's (Maureen's boyfriend) kitchen, and checking out my first rodeo. Regretfully, I was not able to make it to a 'fonda' to try out my new dance moves this year. Maybe by next year, I will be able to move my napkin twirling out of the house and into public.

miércoles, octubre 04, 2006

Riding Adventure

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Since my sister is crazy about horses, I couldn't let her come to Chile without riding in the Andes. We spent a beautiful day in the mountains, me on my horse and her on her mule.

Sisters... Sisters

Me and Em in Santiago
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Amanda (looking amazing), visited me in early September. It was a week spent catching up, having fun, and showing her a little of the world I live in. We visited the port town of Valpo, toured around Santiago, went horsebackriding in the Andes, spent time with families, and just enjoyed being together again. If you care to see some photos, check out our flickr sites!