lunes, junio 12, 2006

My Parents' Visit

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Okay. So this was a while ago, but still worth mentioning. My parents visited during Easter in April. You can check out the pictures from the week on Flicker. They arrived on Good Friday and my mom joined me on the Stations of the Cross that stopped at the homes of various members of the Pocuro community. Saturday, we climbed Pocuro Hill where this photo was taken. Some highlights from the week: Lunch at Gina's house (Gina is an old friend of the Associates and welcomes each new group with open arms. It's amazing to feel loved by someone starting from the first moment that person meets you. We enjoyed cazuela [a typical Chilean soup entree with chicken, rice, squash, potato, and carrots. Ask my mom. It's simply amazing] ), Party at our house, (It was the first Easter I've spent drinking pisco [the unofficial national beverage]. Our friends from around Calle Larga to meet the folks. I have to say that it was one of my favorite nights so far in Chile) Viña del Mar (My parents and I relaxed, ate well, and caught up on life by the ocean), Dinner with the Associates (it's a tradation that whenever anyone comes into town, Santiago and Pocuro get together for a good meal and good company). It was fantastic to have them here. It's fun to have them know the people in my life, to be able to speak with them about my housemates, people in the community, our crazy dog Memo, and for them to be able to understand exactly what I'm talking about.