martes, abril 25, 2006


Emily on Pocuro Hill
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This is a photo of me at the summit of Pocuro Hill looking down at my town. My parents and I hiked up the cerro Easter Saturday when they were here for their visit.

jueves, abril 13, 2006

My solo tour of Santiago

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So, I had been living in this country for 3 months had still not really come to 'conocer' Santiago. One Saturday morning I woke up early, realized I had nothing to do, and decided to walk to the plaza and catch the next bus into the city. Santiago itself is only an hour and half away from my town. I, with my Lonely Planet book in hand, hopped on the metro and navigated downtown on foot. It was sort of strange playing tourist for the day, but really gave me a boost in my language confidence. In Los Andes, people just expect you to speak Spanish. In Santiago, a city that sees thousands of visitors each year, if you can say, '' Hi, my name is Emily. I'm from the US. I arrived 3 months ago.'' they count you as fluent. Lucky me.
This is me taking a picture of myself in front of the La Moneda building where the Office of the President is located.

St. Patty's Day 2006

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Okay.. so it's almost a month later, but my parents are coming to Chile tomorrow and I'm sure I'm going to have a ton of things to blog about when they leave so I thought I should take today to get caught up. The HCA's are known in Pocuro for their fan-freakin'-tastic St. Patrick's Day parties. (as you can imagine, without us, it's not a big holiday in small town Chile) I would say that over 50 people turned out for the festivities. This year was extra special because we had decided earlier in March to paint our living room a bright green (okay, so Maureen and I decided at Ryan gave us our way...) Check out the rest of the party here. ( This picture is me, Caitlin (HCA in Santiago), and Anna (our German friend who works with me in the children's home).