lunes, febrero 13, 2006

Prayer Request

A very good family friend, Dani Wagner (who just celebrated her 16th birthday last week), was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks ago and is currently undergoing treatment in Maryland. Her progress can be followed on her very own blog: Prayers please :).

jueves, febrero 09, 2006

5 hour burritos

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That's definitely a title you won't see in a cookbook. Yes, my friends, Emily is becoming quite skilled in the kitchen (or at least trying to venture outside of the pasta and sandwich realm). This is a picture of one of my lastest creations. Although it takes forever to make just about anything here, I have to say that I am finding it enjoyable. When we sit down to a meal, it is something special because we know just how much time and energy went into preparing the food. We go to the feria twice a week to visit Sergio, out vegetable/fruit guy. It's fun to come home and search through the cookbooks, trying to figure out what to make next. (Because pre-packaged food are either not available or too expensive, we make most things from stratch. I made the tortillas, salsa, and cooked the dryed beans over the course of the 5 hours)

martes, febrero 07, 2006


The last week of January, the HCAs and I volunteered for a children's camp for ages 4-13 run through the diocesean office. It was a lot of fun, although ridiculously exhausting. We planned activities, played games, talked and sang about God,(typical Bible-school like themes for each day), and took fieldtrips to an ecological museum, a neighboorhood pool, and the zoo in Santiago, and had a water and mud soaked day provided by the fire department). The kids that we worked with live in a rural area of Calle Larga called Valle Alegre (Happy Valley). Most of their parents work in the uva (the grapes that fill the region) and are left home alone all day with nothing to do so they showed up each day just filled with joy and energy. I worked with the youngest age group (4-7). They were a handful, but never stopped making me laugh. These are my little buddies Fidel (who happens to live on Castro street, coincidence?) and his sister Antonia.