viernes, octubre 07, 2005

Jesuit Missions

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This week the institute took the students on a pilgrimage to the Jesuit Missions in the Region of Santa Cruz which is the semi-tropical region of Bolivia situated next to Brazil. We visited six of the original churches that the Jesuits constructed in South America, including the last one completed before the expulsion of the order from the continent in the early 1700s. (We always knew those Jesuits were rebels)It was really great to get out of Cochabamba for a bit and see a different part of the country.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!
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So, I´ve survived my first birthday in South America. My family gave me the biggest cake of my life as you can see in the picture, it took us a good three days to finish. The other HCAs came over to my house to celebrate, eat cake, and play cards (what we do best). I also was let in on a little Latin American tradition. My family told me that I had to take the first bite of cake. No, not the first peice, but I was actually suppose to bend down and take a bite right off the side. Before I knew it, Marco was smashing my face right into the icing. I decided to include the before picture in my blog, but if you care to see the full action, I uploaded a picture on my photo page.