miércoles, agosto 31, 2005

Dancing 101

Music class in Los Andes
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We dropped by a music class with John (an outgoing HCA) at an elementary school in Los Andes (the closest large town to Pocuro). The children were preparing for the "diez y ocho,"a chilean holiday by practicing the "queca," a traditional dance. I even dusted off my dancing shoes and paired off with one of the boys. The little lesson came in handy last night when we were at Buonos Muchachos, a resturant in Santiago. I got pulled from my seat and had to perform the "queca" in front of the crowd. I am sad to say thatRyan has videographic evidence to prove my poor queca moves.

It´s getting cold in here, so put on all your clothes

In Chile, there is no central heating except in very nice hotels. To install it would be very expensive because they use virtually no insulation in when constructing homes. So how do you stay warm when it is chilly in Chile? You pile on the clothes, pull a hat on your head, and drink mucho tè. This picture is of me and the gang trying to huddle together for warmth in the Pocuro house as we were enjoying the evening reading together.

lunes, agosto 29, 2005

Los Andes

I have learned that internet cafes are tricky, especially in el campo de Chile. I tried to post a few days ago when we were in town, but the computer froze and I lost all my brillant writing. But alas, I am back to try my hand at it again. We arrived in Calle Larga on Friday evening by the bus from Santiago. While I have this pesky tendency to fall asleep whenever I enter any sort of vehicle, my eyes were could not leave the mountains around me. The sun set and the rain began to pour before we reached our house in Pocuro, and it continued to rain all day Saturday and Sunday. Friday night we watched a Chilean folk group practice the the chappella next to our house. We woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to have breakfast with the priests of the parochia (parish). The parochia is made up of twelve chappellas around Calle Larga. After breakfast we went on a tour of all of them and were able to see the surrounding areas. Yesterday, we went to mass at the Pocuro chappella and then had a grand community day with the HCAs from Santiago and our facilitators. So far today, we went to the comedor (soup kitchen), to English class in one of the local private schools, and dropped by a music class in an elementary school where one of the associates works in an afterschool program. We are currently in Los Andes getting ready to go to the girls orphanage. So yeah, today was mostly spent checking out the opportunities for service in the area. Now that I´ve caught you up to speed, I have to tell you about this morning. I woke up today to blue sky an the sun shining. I ran outside even before I got dressed because I hadn´t yet seen the mountains because it´s been raining for the past few days. Man, it is amazing. Pocuro is snuggled in a valley with the Andes mountians on all sides. The natural beauty is absolutely unreal.

miércoles, agosto 24, 2005

Hola Santiago!

la ciudad
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So I have offically been in Chile for 11 hours, half of which I was in bed napping. Traveling tuckered us out. I didn´t realize how tired I was until my head hit the pillow. I can´t believe that I´m finally here! The current associates who have been living in Chile for the past year are great. It´s fun to finally meet them after seeing their pictures and wondering what they are like for the past sixth months. I have seen the Santiago house and have met Jack (the three-legged dog that resdies there). I can´t wait to get started on the language training. The current HCAs gave us "permisso" as the word of the day. They say that it can get you practically out of any situation. Walk into a meeting two hours late- "permisso". Don´t have bus fare-"permisso". It´s the catch-all phrase! Okay. We are going to explore the barrio now. Hasta luego.

lunes, agosto 22, 2005

My bags are packed I'm ready to go...

Leavin' on a jet plane. It would be fun to post a picture of my overstuffed bags (just made a trip to pick up some last minute essentials and my backpack and suitcase are not receiving them well) but even my card reader is packed far far in the depths of my suitcase with no hope of being reached before I arrive in South America. So it's finally time. I'm leaving on a plane in less than 12 hours. It's kind of crazy to know that I'm going to be gone for over two years. I just had a final round of goodbyes on the phone tonight. Even though some parts of leaving make me sad, I'm so excited to be finally on my way. I'll be arriving in Santiago early Wednesday morning where I will be staying for the next week. Then it's off to Bolivia to learn some Spanish. I just got the information about my host family; it's the part that makes me the most nervous. I hope that it all goes okay. Well... it's time to get to bed so that I can wake up and start living my dreams!

viernes, agosto 12, 2005

War Paint

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Ryan and me during the International Orientation retreat on the Indiana Shore. It was a fun day of making plaster face masks, writing haikus and swimming in the lake. Orientation basically is just summer camp with a few presentations here and there. Okay.. maybe I am exaggerating a bit but it definitely has had its fun moments.

Room with a view

Room with a view
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This is the view from my bedroom window. I definitely have enjoyed my time at Moreau Seminary. This campus is beautiful. No worries Marquette folks-- I still love my mu-rah-ah

viernes, agosto 05, 2005

HCA 2005

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Ryan Greenberg.
The domestic orientation ended on August 5; the associates climbed on to Greyhounds and made their way across the country. 60 hour bus ride for some folks. Yikes!

jueves, agosto 04, 2005

Photo Savenger Hunt

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One of the many fun activities during HCA orientation. This is Ryan and me "fitting into a small space" in ND's library. To see more of our campus adventures, check out Ryan's Blog (link located to the right under my profile)

lunes, agosto 01, 2005

Chile is fantastico

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Meet the Chile Associates 2005-2007. Left to right. Caitlin Early (ND grad, orginally from New Jersey). Roy Pequeno (St. Ed's grad, orginally Humble, TX). Ryan Greenberg (ND grad, orignally Utah.)This is the group during our first house meeting.